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How Direct Deposit Works

Once your application for Peachtree by Sage Direct Deposit is approved and your enrollment paperwork is completed, you are ready to start the set up process. Our service center representatives will walk you though setting up your payroll for the first time, but here's an overview of what will happen.

The Pre-Note Phase

The first step in setting up direct deposit is to test or pre-note the bank accounts being used by your company and employees. The pre-notes are transmitted to Peachtree by Sage and then to the appropriate financial institutions. All information transmitted to/from Peachtree by Sage is done securely through the PeachSync Wizard which is accessible from the Services menu in Peachtree by Sage. The wizard guides you through the process of synchronizing information between your desktop and Peachtree by Sage Web services, in this case Peachtree by Sage Direct Deposit.

Running Your Payroll

After the pre-notes have been approved and the accounts validated, you are ready to enter direct deposit checks in Peachtree by Sage Accounting. Direct deposit checks are entered the same way as printed checks except these are transmitted to Peachtree by Sage.

You will have the option of supplying your employees who are on direct deposit with a printed advice form instead of a check. (These Direct Deposit Advice forms are available from Peachtree by Sage.) The fees for the service are then downloaded directly into your Peachtree by Sage Accounting data the next time you sync.

Application form

Download by clicking on above link

Help is Available All Along the Way

Peachtree by Sage's Direct Deposit Service Center representatives will be there to assist you through the initial enrollment process and through your first direct deposit payroll.


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