ACT! BY Sage 2010

New company records
Create new Company and Division records to get a more complete picture of the  entire relationship with any company, including all Notes, Histories and  Opportunities. Link contacts to companies so that when core company information  changes, the changes push to each contact for easier updating. Easily convert  Groups into Companies. And create Companies from Contacts (or vice versa).

Track  more opportunity information
See all opportunities in one place using this convenient new customizable  working view. Access, update and filter opportunities by User, Estimated Close  Date, Status, Sale Stage, Amount or Probability of Close. And, quickly access  the contact record or perform Lookups from any opportunity within the list.

Enhanced database synchronization
Perform secure background synchronization that's easy to set up so all users  always have the most up-to-date contact information. Even templates and  attachments synchronize to other users. Synchronization is more reliable then  ever with a synchronization scheduler that ensures everyone has the latest data.  For the utmost consistency, security is enforced through a main to remote  database relationship.

Updated calendar views
We've updated the appearance of all Calendar Views to have a more modern look  and feel. There are even new views including the Today View, a customizable Work  Week View and a Multiple Month Mini-Calendar that can be expanded to the entire  year. With new Quick Print, you can quickly print the Calendar displayed without  specifying the template.

Customizable activities, priorities and new field types
Create your own activity types to help you better track activities that are  specific to your business. For example, you can define "Billable Hours" as an  activity type instead of just using "Meeting" "Call" or "To-Do". Add and  customize up to five levels of Priorities according to your preferences. This  makes it easy to match up priorities with FranklinCovey┬® planners or other  prioritization methods you might use. Add new field types to your database  including Yes/No fields, virtually unlimited Memo fields and Picture field - so  you can store images of people, houses or anything you want with any record in  your database.

New contact notes and history tabs
Include unlimited date- and time-stamped Notes and Histories for each contact to  keep track of important conversations, commitments and meeting notes. Separate  Notes and History tabs help you better track your relationship details - and  associate with Groups or Companies for better management of data.

Improved e-mail performance
Create, send and track e-mails to and from your contacts with the ACT! by Sage E-mail  Client. Attach e-mail messages to the Contact record and create a history item  noting when the e-mail was sent and what its contents were. The new find feature  allows you to quickly access e-mails that have been sent.

One-click export to Microsoft┬® Excel
Export all List Views to Microsoft Excel with one click for further  analysis and manipulation of data.┬  All column customizations are  maintained when exporting for easy viewing. For advanced analysis, pivot tables  are automatically created.

Enhanced groups and subgroups
Organize your contacts into Groups and up to 15 levels of Subgroups based on  location, interest, project or other. Group records let you view cumulative  information from all contacts that belong to that group for a more complete  picture of that group. You can also save any Lookup as a Group definition to  create Groups instantly.

Tighter Microsoft┬® Outlook┬® integration1
Keep your entire office up to date. Your ACT! by Sage Calendar can stay up to date with  your company's Outlook calendar. Schedule and edit an activity in ACT! by Sage or  Microsoft┬® Outlook and both calendars will be updated.

Updated look and feel
The new, more intuitive ACT! by Sage interface is both as easy to use as ever and, at  the same time, offers a new interface with a soft, friendly look and feel and  many ease of use enhancements.

Integrated sales system
Integrate all sales opportunities and communications to contacts, groups and  companies for an at-a-glance view of all your business relationships with  intelligent workflow design that virtually anticipates and links key  information.

Powerful, easier-to-use lookups
Providing you instant access to contact details is one of the most important  benefits of ACT! by Sage. Find anyone or any detail quickly by performing Lookups on all  customer data using Lookups, Advanced Lookup and Keyword Search features.  Perform numeric lookups by ranges, such as greater than or less than queries -  ideal when searching in date and numeric fields; search on Create Date or Edit  Date; and new Sticky Lookups remember your last five Lookup terms on any field.

Easily  find and eliminate duplicate records
Consolidate duplicate records by easily moving contact fields and other data  such as Notes, Histories, Activities and Opportunities from one contact record  to another - to create a single, more complete record while eliminating  duplicates.

Unlimited secondary contacts
Add virtually unlimited Secondary Contacts to any contact allowing you to  quickly locate alternate contacts, assistants, family members and other related  contacts. Each Secondary Contact has their own fields that Lookups can be  performed on, including e-mail address, business address, up to two phone  numbers, ID/Status and more. And at anytime, promote Secondary Contacts to a  full contact.

Robust forecasting tools
Meet your sales goals with confidence through built-in sales and opportunity  tracking and forecasting tools. Histories are generated automatically as  opportunity moves through sales cycle. And, there are eight fields that can be  customized to capture specific information.

New activity series
The new Activity Series feature is a huge time-saver. It helps you to define a  series of activities around an anchor date. Schedule the activities in the  series for yourself or other users. These activities remain linked so when one  activity moves, you are prompted to move the other ones. You'll never miss an  upcoming task!

New opportunity list view
See all opportunities in one place using this convenient new customizable  working view. Access, update and filter opportunities by User, Estimated Close  Date, Status, Sale Stage, Amount or Probability of Close. And, quickly access  the contact record or perform Lookups from any opportunity within the list.

Generate customized quotes2
Generate an instant quote from any opportunity without re-keying contact and  opportunity information - even customize the quote template with your logo and  contact information.

New reports
Comes with 40 standard Reports for Phone Lists, Activity Report, Relationship  Histories, Sales Summaries and more; or customize the Reports to meet your  specific needs. Most Reports can be exported to HTML, PDF, e-mail and more for  easy manipulation of data.

1 Requires  Microsoft Outlook  2003 or higher
2 Requires Microsoft Word  2003 and  Excel  2003 or higher


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